• Commercial Air Transport with Cessna Caravan, Supervan and Sky Van;
  • Aerial Work, Special Missions, airborne photogrammetric, accuracy and remote sensing, aero surveillance, electronic surveillance, magnetic anomaly detection, maritime patrol, border patrol, police air support and homeland security;
  • Forest Fire Investigation and Mapping as well as Fire Suppression;
  • Advanced Military Operation;
  • Flight Advertising as well as Film- and Photo Flights from Low Level up to an altitude of 8.000m;
  • Crew Training in FLIR-Operation, Maritime Patrol and Special Operations;
  • Para Dropping, Para Air-Show, Freefall videos and -photos;
  • Arrangement of Tandem-Para-Jumps;
  • Pilot initial- and continuation Training in accordance with EASA PART FCL for Cessna Caravan, Supervan and Shorts Sky Van;
  • Practical Skill Tests and Proficiency Checks according EASA PART FCL for TMG, SEP, MEP, IR, CR;
  • Aviation Language Proficiency Examinations according ICAO requirements up to LP Level 6;
  • National, International and Intercontinental Ferry Flights;
  • Engineering and Certification of Special, Customized Equipment for Aerial Work Projects;
  • and much more ......